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English Education

M&K Communication offers English classes over Skype, an Internet telephone and video calling service that makes participation possible anywhere in the world. With small class sizes - no more than five students per class - students are able to actively participate. Since all of our instructors have professional experience as English instructors and because they live in the United States, students have the opportunity to learn "living English" in an easy-to-understand environment. Lessons feature detailed instruction with student evaluations provided by the instructor after the end of each session.

Because we offer many different types of classes, students can focus on specific areas they wish to improve, such as conversation, grammar, writing, and test preparation. Along with English classes, we also offer classes that increase knowledge in specific fields, including American public policy and medical terminology.

We are flexible in responding to our clients' educational needs, such as providing instructors to teach on-site for corporate training and holding workshops to help international students adapt to life in the U.S. Please contact us to discuss your specific educational needs.

List of English classes

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  • English Writing
  • American Public Policy
  • TOEIC and other test preparation classes
  • Healthcare (In Japanese)
  • English Grammar
  • Overseas Study Prep Class (Academic course)
  • English Conversation
  • Business English
  • Strategies for English Interviews with Foreign Companies
  • Support Class for Returnees
  • Support Class for Language Instructors



Class Attendance Method

Classes are conducted using Skype. Regular classes are voice only and do not use video. Private lessons utilize video. Class materials and handouts, assignments, student questions, and other communication are handled through email. Communication with instructors and coordinators are generally conducted in English, providing an opportunity to practice English through regular communication.


Sessions and number of classes

Sessions are three months in duration with an average of two classes per month. Each class is typically one hour (available in twenty minutes increments for private classes). Make-ups are available for absences. If space is available, students may start partway through the term. Please contact us to check availability.


Class Hours

Most classes will be held during the following time slots.

US Eastern Standard Time :

7AM - 10AM, 5PM - 10PM

Japan Time:

6AM - 11AM, 8PM - 10PM


Tuition is $25.00 to $30.00 (US$) per one hour class session. Private classes start from $20 for 20 minutes. Payment must be made in advance for each session. Please refer to the List of English Courses for tuition for specific courses.

List of English Classes

English Writing

(Eiken Grade 2 to Grade Pre-1)

Scheduled to start in Spring 2015
Heather Murphy

Renina Flores

The goal is to increase one's ability to communicate through written English. Students learn by receiving feedback that goes beyond basic business communication in order to write at a native level. Students make corrections to assignments distributed through email. Instructors proofread and send feedback prior to the next class. Further follow up is provided through Q&A and class discussion.
American Public Policy
(Eiken Grade 1)
Currently in session
(not avail. in July or August)
Heather Murphy

Renina Flores

Tues. 9:00-10:00AM (EST)

Tues. 10:00-11:00PM (JPN)

(1 time/month)

A class to deepen understanding of American public policy. Students take turns giving simple presentations and leading discussions. They review a 1~2 page document before each class and summarize the main points. Students improve their English presentation skills while learning the basics of American public policy. Recommended for students who want to be able to understand newspaper/magazine articles and TV news.
TOEIC/Eiken Grade Pre-1 Exam Strategies

TOEIC-Goal of 800 score

Currently in session
Mina Seat

Heather Murphy

Thurs. 8:00-8:45PM (EST)

Fri. 9:00-9:45AM (JPN)

(2 times/month)

The goal is to improve TOEIC scores, mainly in grammar and vocabulary. Requires about one hour of preparation per week using texts. The class is team taught by a Japanese instructor and a native English instructor.
Healthcare Class
Currently in session
(not avail. in July or August)
Yuko Kawabata
Mon. 8:30-9:30PM (EST)

Tues.9:30-10:30AM (JPN)

(1 time/month)

The class is taught in Japanese and introduces medical terminology in Japanese and English. Students learn basic medical terms used in medical interpretation and the medical background behind these terms.
English Conversation (Intermediate Level)
Scheduled to start in Spring 2015
Heather Murphy

Mina Seat

The goal is to develop English conversation skills that are useful in everyday life overseas. Convenient phrases will be taught. Classes will be 45 minutes long and cover the second-half of the textbook Interchange 2 and part of Interchange 3.
CNN English
(Eiken 2)
TOEIC score under 600
Scheduled to start in the Spring 2015
Mina Seat
Improve listening and speaking using English Express, a CNN magazine.
English Conversation
(Elementary Level)
Currently in session
Mina Seat
Fri. 10:00-11:00PM (EST)

11:00-0:00AM (JPN)

The goal is to develop basic English conversation skills that are useful in everyday life overseas. Classes will be 90 minutes long and cover the second-half of the textbook Interchange 1 and part of Interchange 2.

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