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M & K Communication, Inc. provides support for individuals, corporations, and organizations with careful consideration and respect for foreign culture and languages. We promote mutual language and cultural understanding between Japan and the United States, and we focus on correctly conveying our clients' messages.

Experiencing an unfamiliar culture provides an opportunity for self-discovery and a renewed understanding of your own country, but language barriers and cultural differences also present unique challenges. M & K Communication, Inc. responds to these issues by helping our clients adapt to unknown environments and develop meaningful human relationships. With our strong sense of professionalism, we support our clients' international communication through translation and personal development services.

Mina Seat, President of M & K Communication, Inc.



M & K's three core activities are the provision of high-quality translation services, practical English education, and HR solutions such as the recruitment and development of global human resources.


Our goal is to provide meticulous English and Japanese translation services with a 100% satisfaction rate.

English Education:

Our English classes are taught by experienced instructors and held over Skype.

HR Solutions:

We find, recruit, develop, and manage global human resources to offer comprehensive HR solutions for education and translation projects.

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Mina Seat

President of
M&K Communication, Inc.

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M & K Communication, Inc.


One Whitestone Ct.
Silver Spring,
MD, 20901 U.S.A.

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M & K Communication, Inc.
One Whitestone Ct., Silver Spring, MD, 20901 U.S.A.

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