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HR Solutions

Building a dependable, highly skilled team with the right people can make any project a success and will increase client satisfaction. Working on these projects provides invaluable experience and achievement for team members.

M & K Communication's mission is to go beyond mere translation and interpretation by finding, positioning, and developing indispensable global human resources to launch, promote, and enhance client projects in a way that overcomes differences in language, culture, and geography.

We can simultaneously enhance projects and develop human resources by working with individuals to build a long-term plan, discover their sense of professionalism, present new ideas, and work on self-management by considering how to develop their innate abilities, what experiences are best for their personal development, and how to make them indispensable to the clients who entrust their projects to us.

The unique network that we have built over the last 12 years is broad and includes many individuals with specialized knowledge. Our role does not end with finding, proposing, and hiring human resources; we provide our distinctive, detail-oriented support until the project is completed. We are also well-known for promoting teamwork in our projects.



HR Solution Examples

  1. Identifying necessary human resources for client projects/creating schedules.
  2. Developing hiring standards by using our unique network and advertising when necessary.
  3. Providing practical hiring support.
  4. Developing a system including necessary guidelines, documents, and training programs for hiring, contracts, and project execution.
  5. Day-to-day support for project execution.
  6. Project reporting and management.

Some of our HR Solution Projects include :

  • Japanese Translation (government initiatives, contracted by corporations and organizations).
  • Interviewee hiring, acknowledgement interviews, and reports for healthcare (QOL) translation certification.
  • Translation, interpretation, and document review for lawsuits.
  • Developing, starting, and operating a Japanese language education program (US military bases in Japan).
  • Secretarial support for international conferences.

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