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Supporting your communication needs

M&K Communication, Inc. can support you, your corporation, or organization to connect across languages and cultures with respectful consideration of your specific context and needs.

We are people from diverse backgrounds with wide experience promoting language and cultural understanding between Japan and the United States. We have a passion for translation accuracy that values a human touch.

New cultures offer opportunities for self-discovery as well as new perspectives on home, but language barriers and cultural differences can present unique challenges. M&K Communication, Inc. is here to help you adapt to new environments and connect with new people in meaningful ways.

Our professional translation and human development services might be exactly what you need to step across the world into your next opportunity.

Mina Seat

President of M&K Communication, Inc.


M&K focuses on three core activities:

Professional-quality translation services
Practical English and Japanese language education
Recruitment and development of international human resources


We provide efficient, deadline-focused English and Japanese translation services with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

English Education:
Japanese Education:

Our language classes are taught over Skype by experienced, fluent instructors at flexible hours that work for you.

HR Solutions:

We locate, recruit, develop, and manage human resources to offer comprehensive solutions for education and translation projects.

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M & K Communication, Inc.


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M & K Communication, Inc.
One Whitestone Ct., Silver Spring, MD, 20901 U.S.A.

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