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M&K Communication, Inc. assists customers with their cross-cultural communication needs by providing high-quality translation services. We pay careful attention to detail and proofread exhaustively using only native Japanese and English speakers. We are also able to form dedicated teams capable of responding to clients' specialized needs through our network of professionals who possess a wealth of experience in a wide range of fields.


Services include:
  • Translation of business documents, contracts, homepages, pamphlets.
  • Translation of documents in specialized fields including QOL (medical interview sheets, questionnaires) and laid-open patents.
  • Document review and paralegal outsourcing for intellectual property litigation.
  • Translation and proofreading of academic papers.


Specialized Fields:

  • General Business: Negotiations, business documents, research.
  • Health: Medical, Public Health, QOL (medical interview sheets, questionnaires).
  • Law: Intellectual Property (Patents).
  • Academic: Education, Humanities/Social Sciences, Public Policy.


Research, audio typing (typing out oral communication), and recruiting/coordination services for bilingual staff are also available by request.


  • "Mina Seat of M&K Communication went above expectations as translator for our ACTION project website - both reaching deadlines and providing accurate content, while also anticipating additional steps and offering her support. In addition, Mina has been invaluable in our communications by phone with partners in Japan. Her professionalism and interpersonal skills have been top notch and her services are highly recommended."

-- Aldwyn Hamilton de Cabrera
Director of Grants Administration RESULTS Educational Fund

  • "When Tokyo Midtown Medical Center was founded, Mina played an important role as a bridge between Tokyo Midtown and Johns Hopkins Medicine International. In a cross-cultural business environment, she supported us not only with the language but also with a flexible attitude to carry out the project smoothly, which I believe was the key to the project's success. M&K is a reliable company that has the ability to produce results and achieve a goal even under a tight schedule."

-- Kyoko Uemura
Tokyo Midtown Medical Center

  • "I always admire Mina for her prompt action and hard-working attitude. And her enthusiasm surprises me. It often gives me courage and energy, too. I enjoy our longtime friendship because she gives me her honest opinion as well as offering encouragement."

-- Chieko Goda
Lecturer in Mathematics
Kawai Juku

  • "Mina is uniquely qualified to understand the currents of cross cultural communication that arise during patent litigation involving a Japanese company. Her background as a teacher and her work as an employee of a Japanese company have given her a rare perspective and understanding which she uses in the litigation process to add valuable insights and understanding concerning Japanese culture and corporate structure, which are equally important to the high quality translations she produces. She has the professional skill to see what information may be valuable and what will promote understanding and has a real sense of the places where miscommunication and misunderstanding can be avoided. She is a true professional in every way."

-- Brenda Seat Esq.
Shinshu Services, In.

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